by Goer

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released August 5, 2013



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Goer Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: C.A.G.E.
alone is where I am
it's how I feel
in this field of wheat
it's where I conceal
myself from the clouds
from the sunny sky
its where I lie
and where I die
in this field of wheat
I find my memories in each strand
again alone
all bad ends all
I used to be free
now I'm a rat in a cage
begging for crumbs
Track Name: Brittle-Skinned
what I feel is confusion
nothing real
I can't see what's right in front of me
blinded by the fog of past
it's attacking me
have no air being gassed
the morning comes
but I can't get to the light
I slip on dew
i'm losing the fight
my memories have me pinned
Track Name: Fill Your Cravings
meteors hit the ground all around me
all electronics are on fire
I find shelter behind my walls
I was chased by bobcats
they were hunting me
there is no cure for the virus in you
I will catch it next
I know they will destroy me one day
hollow dust
Track Name: Where None Exist
eroding away
like a mountain face
every day is fire
burning alive
every desire
burning alive
in this desert
the sun sets beyond the ridge
this is home now
banished from native land
I learn to shed skin
seeking destinations
that lead to nowhere